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Royal Caribbean

Where the future
takes the stage

Two70 Excitement

It’s a place that can take you anyplace—welcome to Two70 on Anthem of the Seas®. Where an expansive ocean view is transformed before your eyes by seamless video projection, robotics and human artistry. In just seconds, find yourself anywhere in the world—or somewhere never before imagined.


An awe-inspiring innovation engineered especially for Anthem of the Seas®, Vistarama transforms Two70’s floor-to-ceiling sea view into any scene, real or imagined. Picture it: 18 projectors combine to create an ambient surface over 100 feet wide and over 20 feet tall. Across this vast expanse, impromptu digital shows come to life in stunning 12K resolution, a pixel-perfect industry first.

It looks as real as the world you know—but with fantastical scenes like nothing you’ve ever dreamed.


Who knew artificial intelligence could be so genuinely entertaining? Meet RoboShow, Two70’s troupe of six agile Roboscreens® that stage surprise performances throughout your vacation. Measuring over seven feet each and controlled by mega-powerful robotic arms, these massive bots are delightfully nimble—soaring, twisting and spinning out scenes as they scamper solo or unite as one.

We Will Rock You

The spectacular Olivier Award-winning musical phenomenon that rocked over 6.5 million people in a record-breaking 12 years at London’s Dominion Theatre. Written by legendary comedian and author Ben Elton and with a score of killer Queen tunes such as "Radio Ga Ga", "I Want to Break Free", "Bohemian Rhapsody" and of course "We Will Rock You", it’s the champion of all musicals!

The Gift

An original Royal Caribbean production created exclusively for Anthem of the Seas®, is a musical journey of fantasy and illusion that begins one stormy night with the arrival of a “Magical Gift”. A beautiful production that is sure to delight, inspire and touch the hearts of all who come to see The Gift.

Spectra's Cabaret

An original Royal Caribbean production created by Moment Factory, exclusively for Anthem of the Seas®. In Spectra’s Cabaret the Maestro and his Agents of Rhythm invite you to an electric multi-dimensional cabaret where you will be transported into invisible realms. Each night, the portal opens for a limited period of time and the audience can immerse themselves in a multi-media show brimming with kaleidoscopic sounds, effervescent colors, and dazzling movement. Spectra’s Cabaret blends live performance and experiential cinema along with music from popular culture. It creates a world seen through the lens of music and technology, all the while exploring the deepest recesses of the heart.

Music Hall Entertainment

Let’s get more intimate, more up-close, more personal. Music Hall is that perfectly moody, kinda rock 'n' roll, kinda bluesy, kinda amazing place that makes you feel the night is just beginning again. Live bands, dancing, and signature parties with a wink and smile—what more could you want from your wee hours?

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